President Peter Griffin


Peter Griffin


The Petorian Flag

PA War

The Petoria/America War

Petoria existed within the state of Rhode Island, America. It was only two meters long and was located on Spooner Street. It began when Peter Griffin, former President of Petoria, discovered his home and the surrounding area were not part of Rhode Island, or even the USA. He immediately declared his home to be a country and began to ally with terrorist countries such as Afghanistan, and became the friend of such dictators as Muammar Gaddafi. He began to copy the actions of his terrorist friends and declared war on the US by conquering Joe Swanson's pool.

The United States did not take kindly to this and immediately prepared a nuclear assault. President Griffin surrendered, and was brought to the White House to have peace talks with President Clinton. As a result of his actions President Griffin was forced to join his once proud country with the United States.

Among the prominent works of Petoria while it existed were it's space program and many works of art.

The Petorian Space Program consisted of Chris Griffin, director of the PSP, climbing the only tree in Petoria and stretching his arm in the direction of the moon. As far as we know, the effort failed miserably.

The Petoria had no official military, but it did have several guns, although these were never used them during the war. However, 20% of the population made a veil attempt to build up Petoria's defences before being unwilling forced to emigrant to America.