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Catnarok is the end the Universe as we we know it. It begins when Space-Cat, the Guardian of the multiverse and leader of CatCorps Unlimited, will return from his battle against the Sirusian Canine Empire to herald the return of Tacgnol, the Dark Lords of the Sith's final accountant, to destroy the multiverse. He will bring with many of the Sithcats, and agents of the Tigreesh empire. In response, Space-Cat will summon Longcat, big supporter of the Jedi and the Rhino Party. He will come to arms with Garfield, cat-god of pleasant obesity, Mr Tinkles, leader of the cat army of earth, Heathcliff, the master ripper-offer, The Cat in the Hat, the president of the United States of America, and more in order to defeat Tacgnol. The end of the thousand million faffilion bajillion year war will result in a final battle between Longcat and Tacgnol, which will result in Peter Griffin tripping, landing on his knee and laying there in pain for several minutes, hissing in pain. 

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